If you are not familiar with us we are Weird and Awful, a concert company founded by Rakeem Miles operating out of Wilmington, Delaware. We provide a place for creative individuals to showcase their talents in any art form. We feature everything from art, music, dance, film, ect. What we are trying to develop is a community where artist can perform gain exposure, while still making a living from their art by allowing them to create a fan base of people who appreciate and support what they do.

The reason people like Weird and Awful is because we are providing a safe environment where everyone can have fun, be free of what's going on in their personal lives and join a community of people just like them. Weird and Awful is a lifestyle and family that we are building and it's growing everyday. We love to see the smiles on the people's faces that come to these events and all we have ever wanted to do is to make people happy. There's a lot of bad news being covered in Wilmington, and something violent or fatal happens almost consistently. We feel we can help kids who may be going down the wrong path and show them that they can change their ways, because once they see others making a living doing what they love, they will follow and begin to turn their lives around.

We are just trying to do something positive and develop an arts scene for the creative people in the area. For the people who think for themselves, the people who think outside the box or may be called weird or outcast, the people who are bullied or are just different in general, Weird and Awful is the place for them. All we will ever show is love and respect in our community.

People might ask "What does Weird and Awful mean?" When people state that something is Weird they tend to move away from it, therefore to them it's "awful" to be weird in their minds. So the Weird and Awful name is basically picking fun at the "Closed minded" individuals.